LERA+ is innovation.

Our team is always thinking about ways to improve design through technology. This means constantly looking beyond the horizon to identify potential roadblocks, optimize processes to respond proactively, and devise creative, economical, and practical solutions.

LERA+ is design.

We are a team of designers, engineers, and programmers. We approach every project through a designer’s lens, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, function, and budget. We are in the business of making visions into realities.

LERA+ is production.

We create custom software solutions and products catered to the specific needs of your project or team, from project-specific applications to company-wide rollouts. This means interoperability, interactivity, automation, immersion—better design.

LERA+ is research.

We explore the intersection of design, architecture, technology, and mathematics, with the goal of discovering new, better ways of making. Our team’s interdisciplinary background enables us to take on a wide variety of research projects and collaborations.

Alfonso Oliva

Director of LERA+


Nidhi Sekhar

Computational Designer


Michael Quintian

Software Engineer


Mia Tsiamis

BIM Specialist


Amit Nambiar

Computational Designer